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Some of the most popular siding materials are vinyl and wood siding. While each of these options are popular, they give a completely different look to a home. Additionally, vinyl and wood siding have their share of advantages and drawbacks. Here are some of the advantages and drawbacks of wood and vinyl siding:


Custom Home by Balducci Builders, Inc.
Custom Home by Balducci Builders, Inc.


Costs and labor

The main determinants of siding costs are materials and labor. In both aspects, vinyl comes out on top. Over the years, the cost of high quality wood has gone up. On the other hand, vinyl prices have stayed relatively level.

Painting and priming

When installing wood siding, the wood needs to be primed and painted with new coats of painting and priming every few years. One of the advantages of vinyl siding is that it eliminates the need for painting and priming.

Durability and maintenance

Wood is prone to deterioration after years of being exposed to the elements. This can lead to a full siding replacement. In comparison, vinyl siding requires little maintenance. Vinyl siding is sturdy and can endure harsh weather conditions without cracking, rotting, or splitting.

Siding replacement

Vinyl siding can be retrofitted over other existing siding on the side of a house. Wood siding requires a complete tear off of existing materials.

The environment

One of the advantages of wood siding over vinyl is that wood siding is biodegradable. Unfortunately, one of the ingredients in vinyl siding that makes it durable, polyvinyl chlorine (PVC), doesn’t degrade in landfills.


As you can see, vinyl siding and wood siding have their own benefits and drawbacks. One thing to keep in mind is the aesthetics of each of these options. For example, most older homes were built with wood siding, while on the other hand most homes being built today are built with vinyl. When choosing between wood and vinyl siding, the age of your home should also factor into your decision. To see a list of our preferred siding manufacturers, please visit our webpage at or call us today at 804-746-8149.