Window grilles are decorative patterns on windows or doors to visually divide a piece of glass into smaller panes. Originally, window panes were created to join together many small window panes since it was impossible to transport large panels of glass without breaking it. With the advancement of technology, creating large seamless pieces of glass is no longer a problem.

Today, window grilles are purely used for aesthetic reasons. Window grilles are especially popular in traditional style home since they complement the home. A few examples of these are colonials, victorians, and cape cods since they were originally designed with window grilles.

Parts of a Double Hung Window - Pella
Parts of a Double Hung Window – Pella

Here are some examples of window grille styles available from Andersen Windows and Doors below. See more on their website.


Colonial Style Window Grille
Colonial Style Window Grille
Diamond-Grid Style Window Grille
Diamond-Grid Style Window Grille
Tall Fractional Grid Style Window Grille
Tall Fractional Grid Style Window Grille


In addition to providing a variety of styles of window grilles, Andersen Windows and Doors also provides a variety of grille type options. These options include full divided light, simulated divided light, removable interior grille, and finelight grilles between-the-glass.

Full divided light grilles are permanently placed on the interior and exterior with an aluminum spacer between the glass. This type of grille provides a more traditional look for your home.

Simulated divided light grilles do not have a spacer between the glass and are applied permanently to the exterior of your window. These grilles have the option to be permanent or removable on the interior.

Removable interior grilles can be removed easily for cleaning and are attached via a fastener or grille clip.

Finelight grilles between-the-glass are placed between the panes of glass. They allow for easy cleaning on both the interior and exterior of the window.


Window grilles can provide character and emphasize the style of your home. Balducci Exteriors carries the top trusted manufacturers for window grilles: Pella Windows and Doors and Andersen Windows and Doors. There are many styles and types of window grilles on the market today. Call us to help you choose the right type of window grille for your home at 804-746-8149.

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