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Just because summer is ending, that doesn’t mean that you have to be confined inside until Spring. Read these tips to find out how to enjoy your outdoor space in fall, and in the cooler months to come.


1 – Emphasize on outdoor lighting. With the sun setting earlier than before, some additional lighting will help you to enjoy your outdoor space for as long as you can. The right lighting can make a huge impact in any space; consider adding candles, strands of white bulbs, walkway lighting, and other types of decorative lighting to add ambiance to your space.


2 – Rearrange seating. Rearrange the seating area from around the pool to around the fire pit. Fire pits add warmth during the cooler nights of fall. Bring your family and friends together for a night of s’mores.


3 – Consider adding an outdoor dining space. As insects seek warmer places, that means that your outdoor space is perfect for dining. Get together a bench, or a table and chairs to set the space. Add an extra layer of coziness by adding some cushions. Take it a step further and incorporate fall’s hues through a floral centerpiece. Click here for examples.


4 – Create shelter. After soaking up UV rays all summer, a terrace, pergola, or screened porch will give you the outdoor air that you crave without being exposed to the elements. Consider adding a screened porch like this one:

Screened Porch by Balducci
Screened Porch by Balducci

5 – Add space heaters. Space heaters are a good way to bring in an extra source of heat for chilly nights. They can typically exert heat for around 8-10 hours. Having a hard time choosing which one to buy? Check out this guide for the best space heaters of 2016.


6 – Utilize the outdoor kitchen. Not only are outdoor kitchens good for the summer to prevent your home from getting too overheated, they are also perfect for fall since they add another source of heat. Consider adding things such as a mini-fridge and ice-maker to make your outdoor kitchen the perfect spot to watch some football games this season.

7 – Swap out decor. An easy and cheap way to update your space for fall is to replace the bright summer colors for more fall hues. This can easily be done by hanging a festive wreath, swapping out bright pillows for warmer ones, and replacing your welcome mat with a more seasonally-appropriate option.

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