Why Balducci Exteriors Prefers Pella Replacement Windows

Pella Windows started out in Pella, Iowa in 1925 with just one product: a window screen that rolled up and down like a shade. Since then, Pella expanded into a nationwide company that has provided many homes and businesses with quality products. They have earned their positive reputation after being a reliable manufacturer for windows for many decades. Pella’s promise is to provide “innovative windows and doors that do more than frame the landscape–they make life easier with meaningful details that matter everyday.” Balducci Exteriors provides only the best for its clients and it is proud to carry Pella products. Why does Balducci Exteriors prefer Pella replacement windows?

Custom home by Balducci
Custom home by Balducci

High quality. Every material that Pella uses is high quality. Their materials are rigorously tested in their laboratory for durability and are exposed to real weather conditions including: air, salt, wind, humidity, and heat. All of their windows are made in the factory, which can

Variety of styles. Pella carries a wide variety of window styles to fit the feel of any home. They manufacture and provide an array of awnings, sliding windows, bay windows, bow windows, glass block windows, casement windows, double hung windows, single  hung windows, and special shapes. To add an extra element of customization, you can add in window grid inserts to add character to your home.

Energy-Efficient. Pella windows is known to provide energy saving solutions for your home through the quality of their product. The glasses in the panes are made from multiple panes of glass, which adds a stronger barrier between you and the outdoors. Argon gas is inserted in between the glass panes to provide extra insulation. Additionally, the glass is coated to help block UV rays from coming into your home as harshly.

Custom Windows & Patio Doors by Pella
Custom Windows & Patio Doors by Pella

When looking for the perfect cost effective windows, there’s none to match the quality of Pella replacement windows. At Balducci Exteriors, we can help you in determining which Pella product is right for your unique home. With our professional installation from Balducci Exteriors, your new windows from Pella should last for years to come. Contact us today at 804-746-8149 to learn more about getting a window replacement with Pella windows.

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